McKenney Ultra Tyke/Novice 3000 Chest & Arm

Modeled after the larger Ultra chest and arms, this CA 3000 Tyke/Novice CAT #1 model offers the professional fit and features usually reserved for pro chest pads. Large plastic shoulder caps overlap shoulder wings to give maximum coverage and protection. This high level of quality sets a new standard for smaller LAX chest and arm protectors.


Collections: Goalie Chest & Arms


  • 420 denier urethane coated “High Tenacity” nylon construction.
  • Adjustable–laced arm system allows for full arm rotation, maximum throwing ability and can be lengthened or shortened by 1”.
  • Universal pre-shaped arms with large arm floaters.
  • Large back pad with spine protector.
  • Large plastic shoulder caps and arm floaters for maximum blocking area.
  • Air-cell cushion chest pad with “Shock Shield” sternum plate.
  • Available in sizes:
    Small - 4’ to 4’3”
    Medium - 4’4” to 4’7”
    Large - 4’8” to 4’11”

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